Community Guidelines

This online community is a place to discuss today’s media environment and online communities. Online communities should act as a place to start and continue conversations. This is an academic blog and the goal is to foster dialogue and learning. I hope that it is a place where people in the journalism field or users that are just interested in this topic can take in more information. 

  • Share any knowledge that you have on this topic and ask questions. 
  • All users should act in a respective and courteous manner. 
  • Comment should add to the conversation or be positive. Negativity about topics when constructive can be helpful but be mindful when posting comments. 
  • This is not a place for personal attacks and blatant negativity.
  • Please refrain from profanity or prejudiced comments. 
  • False and defamatory statements towards other users will not be tolerated. 
  • If anyone sees any inappropriate comments they may be flagged for review. Tolerance and understanding are important to keep in mind when thinking about flagging any comment. Ask yourself why you want to flag the comment. 
  • I will take action against the violation of these guidelines. This could include removing comments. For users that violate the guidelines, a warning will be issued. If the violation conines action toward banning the user will be taken. 

I used this example from 360 Alumni to help form these guidelines.