Social Media and the internet have inspired me to find new projects, as well as light a fire under me to crochet even more. 

In my classes, digital media literacy included, we talk a lot about how algorithms affect the user experience and how they can be positive or negative. In this case, I have found that TikTok has fed me a lot of crochet videos and I am deep into “CrochetTok”, a phase many TikTok communities coin in their own way. 

I started slowly with a couple of videos here and there. Now it seems like 20%, at least, of my videos are crochet or knit-related.  

The TikTok that inspired the blanket from my first post was this one.

The colors she was using stuck with me right away. A little while later when I decided I wanted to make a blanket I followed her tutorial as well as another online creator I found on Youtube. 

I have enjoyed being able to learn new techniques such as mosaic crochet. When you mosaic crochet it allows you to create unique designs. 

On top of tutorials and inspiration, I have been seeing more and more videos that encompass the other parts of fiber arts. 

This video came up on my page this week and I was blown away by the artistry. I love seeing fiber artists that create things outside of what is typical. 


#BTS crocheting with Gina Galina! Go check out the Humungous Fungus in downtown #springdalearkansas #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #crochettok #muchrooms🍄🌼

♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Besides this blog, I have not created any content on this topic or any other topic for that matter. However, I have been thinking about creating videos about what I am making. It could be a fun summer thing to try out. 

Recently, due to how much yarn I acquired, I searched online for patterns. I ended up finding a website called Ravelry. I had heard of it before but I had not checked it out. 

What I found was a huge space where people shared patterns and ideas. It also makes it easy to organize and keep track of projects. 

They also have a community page with forums about an endless amount of topics.

I love to make projects for my friends and family. Most recently I have been making a variety of hats. For my friend Logan, I made a checkered bucket hat by following this pattern.

I also made my not-so-baby, baby cousins some quick and easy ribbed beanies by following this pattern. 

I have been wanting to use this pattern for a while, but since my friends and I live in Phoenix, it wouldn’t really make sense with the weather. 

I find that I have an endless number of possibilities for what to make, between these three platforms. I am excited to continue learning more and finding new creators. 

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