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Piles of yarn

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  • 2 minutes read
  • Apr 04, 2022

Last week, I received a remarkable contribution in support of my personal and artistic development.

About a month ago my mother sent me a Nextdoor post from her neighbor in Cornville, AZ. The post showed a room full, floor to ceiling, stuffed with bags of yarn for sale. After finally getting in communication with the seller, my mother met up with the charming older lady who had bins and bags with all kinds of colored and textured yarn from her old store. 

She was practically giving it away — with the caveat that the recipient must be as passionate about yarn as she is. Pictures of me and my projects were shown, and the bounty was shared.  

My mother left with two large bags full of high-quality natural-fibered yarn.

I was so excited that I think I told every single one of my friends about it as soon as I saw the pictures of the haul.

By the weekend it was finally time to make the trek to Cornville. I got there, said a brief hello, and rushed in to discover the goodies.

As we were going through the delightful stash,  my mother mentioned that the yarn lady lived just down the road….and that I could go back for more….if I was so inclined. Feeling spontaneous, we reached her and she agreed I could come at the moment. 

Following the winding road along Oak Creek in the late afternoon sun, I was shortly at her studio. After a 30 minutes blur of grabbing anything I thought was pretty, I rounded my collection and left with three more bags.

The only problem I faced was trying to fit it in my already overflowing room. 

Somehow I did. 

In this post I attached a video showing off everything I got. 

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